Saturday, October 31, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

I've become somewhat of a sprinkle collector, and I love it! The only downside is that I didn't have a uniform way to organize them, and given all the different containers, it was something that irked me big time. Thank you Michael's for the solution! In their scrap booking section I found the perfect sized plastic containers that have solved my problem. Take a look-see.

The two different sizes are ideal. Smaller ones are mostly for the solid colors, which makes sorting the varying styles easy, and the large jars work for those times when I just have to get a bunch of one type. The two large ones are the right are my favorites right now. Pink pigs with yellow jimmies and then black, brown and white cows. Too cute! I couldn't resist getting them.

So that's a little bit of what I've got going on. This little doorless cabinet also holds some of my ceramic cupcakes, baking cups, and standing on top are some pictures are the perfect color inspiration. How do you organize your sprinkles and such?

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