Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fairy Lights

When Andrew and I lived in our little bottom level apartment 2 years ago we desperately needed extra lighting to give the extra oomph to the place. Thank goodness for the tons and tons of Christmas/fairy lights I lined the inside rooms with, the ones that ended up staying for a good 5 or more months. I know what you're thinking, it sounds very 'college dorm room'-ish, but we loved it. I've been debating throwing them back up in this apartment, and seeing these pictures just pushed me over to the 'Yes' side.

Now I'm planning on going a bit more extreme with what I do, but the beauty of it is that if I don't like the outcome, I can just take them down. Knowing me, I'll have to have it perfect and straight and finished looking. I love the simple little touches of lights around the chalkboard and mirror. It's perfect. I think my main push to do this again is that I can remember nights where we only had the fairy lights on, and it gave off this amazingly comfy and inviting feeling. *big sigh* Just in case you like the look too, but not on a huge level, there is a tutorial on how to make the Glittering Lightscape in the last picture for your own home! For the instructions, click here. I actually might try it out. That could be really fun in the little man's bedroom. Hmmm, too many ideas. Have an amazing day!


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