Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just A Little Paint Crazy

So I'm watching tv tonight and a wonderfully amazing commerical comes on. Glidden is giving a quart of paint to anyone and everyone for *free*! Now, for anyone who knows me, I'm not paint shy at all. I'm not big into the plain off-white color that these apartments are based in, and paint is the easiest and cheapest way to change a space, so I go for it! I'm so paint-roller happy that my Mom has put a time restraint on it. 6 months before I can repaint a wall :o) But that doesn't mean I'm skipping out on this offer. My only issue is picking what color I want. I don't know if I should go safe and pick a color I know i'll use(some kind of chocolate brown), go totally neutral with a nice soft something(maybe pink, hmmm), or go really daring a grab some kind of turquoise(I've been in a weird mood lately). It's not exactly helping that I've got to pick the color online, which isn't always a true version of it. I'm not gonna get too picky picky though. It's like winning a tiny lotto for someone like me. I'm so excited!

*Go to for the info about it! What color are you gonna get?

Ok, I picked my color. "Berries & Cream"~and no I'm not pregnant. Just wanted to add a little pink in my life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blocking Out The Heat

In our apartment we have this funky little built in bookcase(empty at the moment), and above it is a window. The cats love to be in this window, so the blinds are always up to the top, which lets all the hot sunshine in. I'm really working on pulling this place together, so seeing the blinds makes that area look unfinished. I can't explain it, it just irks me :o)
Instead of going with traditional curtains, I've been thinking of getting a roman shade instead. I found a fun and extremely easy alternative, thanks to Ms. Martha Stewart.
These suckers button up! I've just got to go fabric shopping. So many options! (click on the picture for the easy instructions)

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Running Theme Going On

My 'pink post' got me thinking about other girlie things I'm hooked to, and the next in line is this incredibly colorful artwork made by Scottish artist Suzanne Woolcott. I first found her on Etsy(a wonderful site if you're looking for art or anything homemade), and spent over an hour going through her shop there, her main shop on, and even her blog. Talk about a mild obsession. These completely match my mood. Darker greys usually in the backround, and then deep greens, purples, reds and so on. To top it all off, she adds in fun quirks, like striped knee-highs and cute little critters. I don't think I could buy just one. I seriously believe that everyone could find at least one that they really like. Here are some of my favorites.....

See, tons and tons of choices, and that's just a pinch of them. So if anyone likes them, let me know! I'm dying to give them as a gift! I need a good excuse in this house of boys to order something cute. I'm not sure I could get away with them here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girlie Girl

My love of everything chocolate brown has turned me onto a new color Now it's a bit of a shock given that just a few years ago everything I had was a very sharp black, red or white. I'm starting to catch on every time my Mom says she's amazed how much my taste has changed. I think it's just my inner 5 year old finally deciding that the pink crayon can be used now. And I'm trying to stick it everywhere! Pink couch, pink flowers, and my every growing cupcake collection(mostly made up of pinks). Thankfully Andrew is a patient guy. I've found quite a few fun pictures, and I just have to share. What do you think? I just need to have a girl. Then I can get all this frilly fluff stuff outta my head.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keeping Busy

Even though I'd happily give the kitties(all 3) to anyone who would take them, for now they are a part of our family. Kitty+Home Decor=A new post for this blog. A few months ago I got some amazingly textured curtains from Ikea, the one place who makes them long enough to go floor to ceiling, with extra to spare. It is that little bit extra that a certain tiny Gizmo kitty has fallen in love with.
It's her little hiding spot now. She's just so darn cute.
*Also, I created a site for updates on my little family( Look at it, you know you wanna!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brain Overload

Well I've finally re-joined the 'I Have A Computer' club, and it's wonderful. And the best part is the overload of inspiration and creative ideas that I've started catching up on. It's been amazing. I've learned that on days when I feel like doing a whole lot of nothing with the apartment, the best way to kick myself into gear is looking at all my favorite articles and pictures online. Not having a computer for the last few months has really stressed the importance of having my own little hard-copy collections. Specific magazines and my own scrapbooked selections kept me connected to this whole world of keeping things organized and fun. On top of the physical and internet-fed inspiration, we're gonna be starting up our little wannabe Home Cure meetings again. I know we're gonna be making some modifications, making the Cure less important and focusing on other activities, like finishing projects, cleaning tips, and my personal favorite, using Craigslist to the max. Just knowing that a few people are coming over tonight has me motivated to finish last minute things. I've finally finished that crazy pink couch of mine! It's all tucked and sealed, and the long brown body pillow my mom bought for it making it look absolutely adorable. I've also cleaned all the couch cuchions(a total nightmare when I can only do two at a time) and once I'm finished with this I'll be hanging a wonderful large mirror by the front door. I stalked it at Target for over a week and managed to get it 50% off! Wahoooo! As if all this stimulation wasn't enough, I watched the movie 'He's Just Not That Into You' again today, and it's chalk full of amazing sets. Some of the homes are a bit too modern for my taste, but the colors are incredible. I'm gonna hunt around for some pictures today and add them to my online collection. I've really started paying attention to some of my favorite movies for color and furniture tips. 'Because I Said So', 'The Holiday', 'The Devil Wears Prada', and 'Match Point' are some of my favorites, and here are some lovely pictures and such from some of them...

Someday I'm gonna get quicker at uploading pictures the way I want. You'd laugh if you knew how long it took to get those 5 pictures looking like that. See, I don't just rearrange my furniture :o) Alright, I'm off. Oodles more to do!