Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm In Love, Love, Love with Chartreuse!

Ok, not the color, but Chatreuse & Co. They are my new happy thought. Here's why. So I'm crusin' through craigslist trying to find something interesting and there's nothing to be found. Out of boredom I click on a post that says "Vintage Tag Sale". Now, the ad wasn't exactly spectacular, but luckily they had a Shutterfly account with additional pictures. The part that sealed the deal with that the pictures had prices. Ever see amazing things online but once you get to the store they end up wanting $675 for a tiny side table? Yeah, I hate that. So to sum up a bit, I talked my sister and Mom into going and after a 25 minute rainy drive, we find the place. We all walked in the front door and our jaws dropped. This place is incredible. The "Oh my goodness, I love this!" comments started right away and continued for an hour and we walked through the huge 2 level barn type setup. Along with furniture(which is amazing) the place in covered in every kind of home accessory you could want. Vibrant colors, rustic wood finds, shabby chic style, shiny glamorous, and of course Halloween. My face hurts from all the smiling. Here are some of the things I loved. I couldn't take a ton of pictures because I didn't remember until the last 10 minutes that I had my camera. Even still, here's a nice large chunk of pictures.
{Glass Cupcake Holders-If I'd known the cupcake candle was a part of the price I'd have snatched one up}

{The lamp is cute, but I really love the chair}

{The owner Virginia giving a class on decorating a table in a bunch of different ways. My Mom grabbed three of the candle stick holders she used as soon as the class was over. Awesome}

{I can definitely see myself having Sweet Dreams in this setup}

{"Fright Night" was in a section mostly dedicated to the more classic Halloween decor. Yea glitter!}

{The day I make my own pastries is the day I get this for my place. I love signage}

{Even more glitter associated with Halloween. Loved these little skull @ $3 each}

{Yes, I would love to have this too-You starting to see how fun this place is yet?}

{All kinds of mirrors-The place was full of them}

Now, for the loot that I got. I actually bought the least out of the three of us. Weird.

So, another 'R' to go in my collection, a green shelf thing($18) that originally was going to hold my ceramic cupcakes, but that has been replaces by the lighter green shelf thing on the left(an early b-day gift from my momma). I think I'm gonna paint both a bright white. Hmmm, choices. I also got two vintage plates($6 each) which I think will be perfect for displaying cupcakes and such. I love the muted colors. Any this beautiful thing isn't officially mine yet, but it will be in a few days. THANKS NAWNIE!This little phrase is the reason I started my cupcake collection, and I'm so thrilled to have it. I especially love the color!

So, that's what I did over the weekend. Fun huh? They're opening back up on the weekend of Nov. 6th. Anyone want to come? I'll be going back for sure. I can't wait to see all the new things they'll have!

{You can find more info about Chartreuse & Co. on their website}

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