Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovely Package Exchange

I just barely caught on to the loveliness that is oh, hello friend as they were closing the sign ups for the Lovely Package Exchange, and I'm kicking myself for it. You can find more info about it on Danni's site, but here's the short version is this....A bunch of strangers sign up and are paired off. They send a package to each other containing all kinds of cute little gifts like stationary, stamps, journals, jewelry, and other little kitchy things. There is an understanding that these things will all be beautifully wrapped and sent with lots of love and care. It's a brilliant idea! Imagine getting some basic details about someone you don't know, going out and finding little gifts for them, creating a fun and unique way to package it, and then shipping it off. Just look at some of the beautiful pictures. I'd love to get any of these in the mail!
You can find more pictures of the packages sent and received on their Flickr site *here*. I'm definitely signing up for this next time. Hopefully Danni doesn't wait to long to make it happen. It would even be fun to do on a local level. There are so many ladies in my ward that I'm dying to get to know better, and I think this could be the perfect way to break the ice. What do you think? To those few that are fantastic enough to read my blog, would you be interested in doing this with me? I'd love to make this happen, so let me know!

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Shellie said...

I like the idea. It is like a spot light. Give me some ideas about how you would get this going in the Ward. Maybe it is something we can pair up with VT.