Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Oh it totally was. I'm learning how much fun it can be when you just have a mellow laid back birthday. I'm all for making a bigger hoopla out of everyone else's birthdays, but give me a basic dinner, the movie Coraline and some incredible gifts and I'm all set. Here are some of the things I have now, thanks to my loving family who know me too well.....
{Adorable Porcelain Plate Set}
{Another Cupcake Picture To Add To My Collection Along With Some 'So Yummy I Could Eat Them' Candle Holders}
{This Set Makes Me Want To Throw Some Milk In The Pitcher Just So I Could Pour It Over 1/4 Cup of Cereal In A Cute Polka Dot Or Striped Bowl}
{I Really Think This Measuring Spoon Set Is Too Cute To Use. Good Thing Andrew Got Me Another Usable Set Of M. Spoons And Cups!}
{I Posted About Some Cupcake Holder Like This That I Found At The Chartreuse Tag Sale, But This One Trumps All. It's The Length Of My Arm, Made Of Glass, And Can Hold 3 Or 4 Cupcakes. Perfection}
Ok, this next thing absolutely took my breath away. The few people who have been to our apartment might have seen the still growing Cupcake collection I have, and I think I finally have one to center it all around. Behold.....The Giant Cupcake......
Yeah, that's my hand holding it on the left. This thing is ginormous. We might be painting it a different color, but even if we don't it will still be phenomenal. Along with these I have much needed wooden spoons, another mixing bowl w/ lid, the movie Coraline, 2 pairs of argyle socks, a great sign from Nicole that says 'The Ghostess With The Mostess'(freakin' awesome), and a candy card from Molly and her daughter that almost made me cry. Totally cute. It has been a wonderful day. I'm so grateful for friends and family that have taken even just a few minutes to let me know I matter to them. Thank you so much Mom and Dad! I loved that I was borned!


Di said...

I had no idea it was your bday. What fun stuff. I'm glad your day was wonderful.

Katz said...

Sorry we didn't make it last night. I'm in love with that green polka dot/stripe set.