Friday, October 30, 2009

Beautiful Germany

Ok, well I don't exactly know how beautiful Germany is, but the site Car-moebel is gorgeous to me. After looking through every aspect of their site I have a long wish list, or at least a long To-Make/Create list. I also realized that I could live very happily in a home filled completely with their products and designs. Here's what I'm thinkin.....

So, for the entry way, It's gotta be super functional, inviting and cute. This cubby look for shoes and such just makes me smile. The Hotel sign is a nice touch too.

Now that you're in my place, come sit in the comfy cozy living room! I'm hoping to get back to coffee table living soon, but for now I can just picture the little man climbing on it and river-dancing.

A standard sofa/love seat is a must have, but after seeing these armchairs lined up, I'm really liking this kind of look. There's something movie theater-ish about it that's tons of fun.

Seeing as how my living room also holds the 'office, that's next on my list. I'd love to have the computer hidden away, so this sucker is ideal for keeping the cords outta site.

Can I have this too? Just for the extra things on my desk that need a cute home.

It's kitchen time! I need lots and lots of prep space for my little baking business. This looks good to me.
And of course while I'm baking I love company. Anyone mind sitting at this cute little table and chatting up a storm with me?
With a growing collection of display plates and such, not to mention the awesome plate and bowl set that my guy got for me last Christmas, I think using a buffet as storage is a brilliant idea.
Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who loves to cook. I'd love to have more of a formal dining room like this, with a bunch of windows and super tall ceilings, to enjoy family meals in.
B & B's now. I think this bathroom would be perfect in a master bedroom. It's such a calming setup, but it has that feeling like you just grabbed random pieces of furniture from other rooms and put it all together with a sink. Yea!
Our little man is quite the rambunctious one, so I can absolutely see him in a room like this a few years from now. I think a little less white would be a good thing.
And now, for the master bedroom. Seeing as how we still have a bedroom that is also playing the part of storage room, I love this look. White to black, very crisp looking, but still so comfy. I just want to snuggle up in that bed.
Being the organizational nut that I am sometimes, I'd love two of these. His & Hers cabinets would make it really easy for me to ignore how messy His would get.

So that's my little wannabe house tour. Seriously though, take some time to check out their site. It's full of beautiful colors, everyday accessories and incredible furniture. And the best part is that it all has a totally lived in feel. So fun!

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