Saturday, April 24, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

Today I was at a Spring Boutique selling Bites and Sugar Cookies, and while there I realized I had quite the little attention getter.

This little mini cupcake is a great placecard holder, but even better for my little *Snickety Snacks* signs. Jenni is creative talent behind Jenni B Originals and her work looks good enough to eat! Here are a few other little cupcakes she's done that I love!

I'll be heading back to Bella Villa in Virginia to snag some more!

Have a sweet weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lovely Things

3 weeks and 2 missed Cupcake posts later, I'm finally posting about something fun! This past weekend I sampled out at Chartreuse and I actually remembered to snap some pictures of the place. With the place being nearly sold out each weekend they open, the overall look is constantly changing, but I thought I'd show you some of my favorites.

{Robin's To-Die-For Lamp Shades}

{Can I sleep here pleeeeease?}

{Some of my favorite colors}

{This was one of my Mom's *Large Gasp* items}

{Incredible hand-made signs-I love the vintage bell-hop bell toys!}

{Super squishy and gorgeous pillows}

{Brilliant Bookmark idea with book spines}

{Those little boxes are too cute!}

{I'd love this table for my computer!}

{Donna's beautiful washer necklaces, one of which I am a proud owner of-Mine says Queen of Cake}
And now for some seriously fantastic news....I'm joining the Chartreuse Gang! I'll be officially selling Cake Bites & Sugar Cookies there starting next month! You wouldn't believe how thrilled I am about this. I can still remember going to Chartreuse for the first time last October and wishing that some day I could be a part of something that fun, and now it's happening! Here's a little shot of the space I'll be taking over. Keep in mind, it hasn't been Brittanie-fied yet, but it's ideal in so many ways!

Right under the stairs, across from the a.c. and right next to a fridge....It's Perfect! I hope you can come out and see me next month on the 7th & 8th!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

I had another Girl's Night In this week at my place and "What's New, Cupcake" was the inspiration! We decided to tackle these yummy creations.

I think ours turned about beautifully for a first try!

Thanks girls for the fun night~I'm so jazzed to snag another idea from the book!

What fun Cupcake Creations have you tried? Any great books you've worked with? Let me know!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Love My Husband's Job

Actually, I just love the perks. Remember when I posted about my 'R' collection? Well this is how it looked in the middle of last year.

Since then, Mr. Scrap Yard Man that I'm married to has been dutifully on the hunt for more R's, along with many friends and family members. Needless to say, my collection has grown quite a bit and includes many one of a kind objects. After an hour of rearranging, a lost battle with a hammer, and plenty of times saying 'Give it back to me dude', I'm happy to say the R's are up!

Can you guess where the main piece came from? I love my husband. He found that sucker at work and absolutely made my day. I plan to paint it white sometime soon, just to help quiet it down a bit. I've been dying to get it up along with the many other additions and am now thrilled with it. Let me know if you find any fun and creative R's! I'm always on the lookout for more!