Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute Little Cherries

I saw this purse on the Martha Stewart website and have wanted to try making it. Thanks Katie for having a birthday!

Now to be honest, I hired my Dad to do the official sewing, but I picked out the fabric, made huge copies of the template(very hard with a little dude running around Kinko's), cut out the shapes and pinned them together :o) I need to take an official lesson from my Dad on working the infamous sewing machine, but right now I'm still too chicken. Hilarious huh? I think it turned out super cute.

They called it a subway bag, because you loop one arm through the other like so.....

....and now no one can reach into your bag and steal your lip gloss! There's also a little pocket area inside of it because I know how frantic I can get when my phone is ringing and I have to go finger fishing to find it. I'm hoping it gets a ton of use. Happy Birthday Lady!

{you can find the instructions on how to make this bag here, or just steal Katie's}


Katz said...

Thanks, Brittanie! I love it!

Brittanie said...

Good to know~I think it turned out really cute!