Thursday, October 15, 2009


Do you see that incredibly fantastic man right there? He's wearing glasses and a black tie while rockin' the semi crazy hairdo. He's so beautiful to me. No, not Mr. Depp. The other one! Ahhhh, Tim Burton. Genius. Wacko. Eccentric. Inspiring. Quirky. Amazing. Don't worry, my husband knows about my love for the man behind movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and many others including my absolute favorite, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have to say Thank You, Thank You to amazing parents who introduced me to this movie. I fell in love with it so much that it has become a tradition to watch it every year for either my birthday or Halloween. The detail, the colors, the characters and all the time involved leave me speechless. Just imagine me on the other side of this blog staring at the computer screen and keyboard trying to figure out what to say. This is a movie for anyone who ever looked at Christmas and said, 'Why does Christmas get all the good movies? What about Halloween? That's my favorite holiday! I won't stand for it being left out anymore!'. Take the hour and a half or so out of one of your hectic days and enjoy this perfect movie! Here are some movie shots to catch your interest.
Mr. Jack Skellington himself
"Halloween's Finest Trick-or-Treaters"~Lock, Shock & Barrel
Jack Trying To Understand Christmas
A few years ago my family was incredible enough to take me an hour away to the one movie theater in our area that was playing the 3-D version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It.Was.Fantastic. Hopefully I didn't overwhelm you with this movie. I'm slightly obsessed, can't you tell? October just gets to me in a wonderful way. Have a fun day!

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Nicole said...

Britt- you need to go to Disneyland during Christmas. It's the BEST!!! They change the Haunted Mansion ride to the Nightmare before Christmas and its so cute. Ok they don't "Change" anything, but they add TNBC's awesome. I bet Disneyworld does it too..