Monday, September 7, 2009

Amy Atlas.....'Nuff Said

I know that I'm a bit late to jump on the Amy Atlas bandwagon, but I've found a new appreciation for her. The first I heard of her was on decor8, and just seeing those first images had me hooked. A little bit about her first before I hit you with her amazing tables. Amy Atlas is the owner and creator of Amy Atlas Events, based in New York City. Despite having no design background(she's an attorney), she is an extremely sought after event planner and the beauty/brains behind some extraordinary dessert buffets. Just take a look~Sorry there are so many. I couldn't resist!I'm absolutely green with envy! My husband would love this.
This was made for a young girl's party, but it would also fit wonderfully for a Valentine's Day get-together.
A gorgeous Bridal Party done in all-white. I love the lemonade with "Best Wishes" straws.
Have you guessed yet what my favorite holiday is? Halloween is perfect to me. I think I was brainwashed as a kid from so many viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton is my happy thought.
I posted the carnival shot once before, but it deserves a second time in the spotlight. Her colors combinations make me smile. I'd like a house to match please :)

Well if that isn't a literal version of 'eye candy', I don't know what would be. Her story is so inspirational and her creations make my mouth water while my mind runs crazy with ideas. Hopefully I'll get to try out something similar to her Halloween dessert table for the little dude's upcoming birthday!

{All images and tons more can be found on Amy Atlas' website and blog}

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