Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

So after a rather difficult day yesterday, you wouldn't believe my reaction as I walked down the Target magazine aisle and saw those beautiful words....Storage. I actually said, "Oh thank goodness". After months and months of waiting, it's finally here! I like all kinds of decorating magazines, but Storage is my absolute favorite. It combines everything I love. Gorgeous colors, extremely neat rooms/closets, and the idea that 'I too can have a home that looks like this!' I just wish BHG would do it more than 4 times a year. Sometimes they throw in an extra 'Best Of' one, and you should see the happy dance I do then. Last night was crazy and I was exhausted, so I ended up looking through it about an hour ago and I just had to snap some pictures to share. Oooh, I've love to have that setup for my growing collection of fancy papers, scissors and pens.

I really like the idea of customizing plain old glass jars. No clue why I've never thought about it before. I'm crazie.

Ok, if you liked these, go find the real mag. It's full of more awesome goodies!

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