Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Place For Reading.....

Andrew got me the new Dan Brown book about a week ago and as much as I'm dying to get through it, I'm stuck on page 47. I can't read the same way I used to. Too many distractions running through my head. I think one of these fun reading nooks would help!

Those pillows look super squishy and comfy! This has a shabby-beachy feel that I love.

I really like the idea of slapping some wallpaper up just on the wall in this little area. It really sets it aside.

I'd like the house to go along with this nook. You know it's just gotta be amazing.

Ok, now the stenciling isn't my favorite, but the chair and dresser are ideal. They make me happy!

I'm currently working on creating my own little nook in our place, which isn't exactly easy with our completely open floor plan. I've got the oober comfy couch and softy pillow, now I just need to sink into it and open my awesome book!


Kim said...

What you need to do, is get pregnant and then after you give birth and you spend hours upon hours of your day sitting down nursing/feeding your child, read a good book. I read the entire Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit included, in a few weeks when my little man was first born because I suddenly found myself absolutely having to sit for hours a day.

Run this idea by your mom, I'm sure she wouldn't be too upset with it. :)

Brittanie said...

Oh I know my mom would love that. I love that idea though. I've got a feeling that my little man would get in the way of all of the peace though.