Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hide and Seek

I've been so into baking lately that I've forgotten my decorating/organizing roots. I went looking through my collection of magazines and started to notice a reoccurring theme. Armoires/cabinets are everywhere, and being used to hide more than just televisions, clothes and computer junk. This isn't new of course, but I love seeing all the different placements. Lookie lookie....

I would love to be able to fit something like this in our kitchen. I'm always wishing I had more cabinet space, and this would fix it right up. Too bad I can't get rid of our 3 cats. I'd have oodles more room. Anyone want to adopt them for me? Pretty please?

Another one of those times where I wish we had more room in the bathroom. Gimme a claw foot tub and a chocolate brown cabinet filled with fluffy white towels and I'm in relaxation heaven.

I love the smooth split screen look on that one.

This one I absolutely love. Throwing a big semi-clunky looking wardrobe in a dining room might normally look strange, but it brings the perfect balance to the clean and almost delicate look of everything else. I want it!
Of course I had to add in this one. Even though I've successfully rearranged the kitchen a bit to accommodate what I've got now, I can totally see myself having one of these in a year or so. I'm such a nutter that I've already mentally rearranged the furniture near the kitchen so that I can make this a possibility down the line. These cabinets are like the perfect present. Cute on the outside, but what's inside is so much better!
{All pictures from Better Homes & Gardens magazines. They might be on the BHG site}


Claire said...

I like the contents of #1 & #5 and I love the color of #3! I wish I could be as neat =)

Brittanie said...

I'd love to just grab #5 out of that magazine and stick in it my apartment, all baking goodies included :)