Sunday, September 20, 2009

Adorable Argyle

After spending about a week trying to find something inspiring, I landed on this picture which brought my love of argyle patterns all flooding back.

I love the mismatch of patterns, but the argyle is my favorite. Thank you Apartment Therapy! I've done some searching for more fun everyday items with this awesome pattern. Enjoy!

I love the base of the Oopsy Daisy lamp, along with the shade of course.Martha Stewart has step by step instructions on how to put the cute little piggy together and even says "This petite argyle pig is so cuddly, you'll want to produce a whole pen's worth." Hmmm, we'll see about that. Anyone wanna try making it with me?
Journey's is absolutely my favorite shoe store, mostly because it has the style of shoe I like and in a size I can actually wear. And what's better than having a shiny new pair of shoes than getting some super soft and comfy argyle footies to wear? Just the thought has me smiling. I wore down the last set I got to the point where only 4 socks are left, and all in different styles. Extra fun to wear!
I'd love to have these argyle drink coasters, but I'm afraid they'd end up in the same place our last set of coasters did, with the little dude's toys. No clue why he loves them so much, but I know why I love these!

Pottery Barn has these argyle pillow shams with throws to match. I like them because they've got much more of the classic color combination. I could just imagine a crafty lady stealing her man's sweater to create these. If you like these ones though, run and get them. They're on big time sale!

I think this 'modern' argyle pillow is much more my taste. Simple, mellow colors, and has the 'made by me' look without actually being made by me. That might go on my birthday wishlist. Better yet, can anyone teach me how to make these? I need some new pillows and I'd love to be able to say I made the covers!

Yeaaa for argyle! Seriously though, if anyone wants to make that stuffed pig, let me know. I think it'd be so cute in a bunch of different styles. Have an incredible day!

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