Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazie For Wire & Kristine Mays

I've noticed during my online window shopping lately that wire objects are really getting an extra push. Using wire to make jewelry can result in a beautiful creation, but seeing as how I don't wear a ton of jewelry, I'd like for my wire to be a bit more useful.

And if you wire objects can't be brought into my home to help me keep things organized in a cute way, you at least need to be amusing to the little dude. He'd probably just try to stick all of his toys in these West Elm Spheres.

I can't talk about wire anything without raving about Kristine Mays. Almost 2 years ago when I decided to start my "R" collection, I found this quirky little R in Kristine's Etsy shop.

Well I snatched that baby right up and have loved it ever since. This little "R" could be made with all of the talent/creativity she has in one pinkie finger. Her work is jaw dropping. Before I show you some pictures, here's a little bit of info that she gives about herself.
"The products found here are a result of inspired amusement, creative exploration, and experimentation. I hope you find something you love as much as I loved creating it. My work with wire began about 12 or more years ago as I was inspired by the idea of transforming a straight line into something of volume. My main creative focus involves creating large-scale sculptures of the human form."
Large scale is right. If you think that "R" is impressive, check these out.... Shoe with Blue Bow

Kristine also has some of her art work on display near the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco which would be incredible to see up close. Too bad there are thousands of miles between me and those. At least I can stare at my own little hand-crafted piece art by K.M. You can too! Her Etsy shop is full of things.
Letters.....I think spelling out my whole name would be too much. Or would it? Maybe a smaller word like LOVE would work.
'Oh, for me? You're too kind!'
I saw these twinkle stars on Kristine's blog, and I'm about a heartbeat away from asking her to make me one, or two, or seventeen :o)
{You can find more info about Kristine Mays and buy some of her creations through her Etsy Shop and her Blog}