Saturday, September 19, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

I woke up this morning feeling completely *blah*, so searching for a topic for today's C.S. was a welcome task. Now I want to bake like a crazie person. I've noticed a bunch of different cupcake kits lately, so I'm putting together a little collection for you to oogle. Who knows, they might inspire you too!

::cupcake kit:: seems to be the most well known one out there. With those cute liner colors and the simple name, I'm not surprised. Anything polka dot and I'm hooked.

While some of these kits can be justified, I don't think I could talk myself into actually buying the 'Juicy Couture & Dylan's Candy Bar Cupcake Kit'. I just love that it comes with measuring spoons! Plus anything from Dylan's Candy Bar makes me smile.

Normally I stick with the basics like chocolate and vanilla when it comes to cupcakes, but this Lemon & Coconut Kit from Donna Hay looks too tasty to pass up. To the Chocolate and Vanilla lovers, she's got you covered too.

For you lucky ones who have fantastic scratch recipes but just need the extra oomph, Meri Meri is lookin' out for you with these colorful decorating sets. You know me, I couldn't pass up a chance to show something Pirate themed. Yeaa skulls! They've got a bunch more like these too. I'm loving the Open If you Dare kit.

This is the ultimate cupcake kit. Saint Cupcake has the perfect setup. You point and click, picking 3 cupcakes, 3 types of frosting, and 3 kinds of sprinkles. Then they package it up beautifully and send it your way. Sound like fun? Wanna get it for free? One of my favorite sites, 'oh, hello friend' is giving one of these Signature Kits away! Just clickety-click over to her site and enter. If you win, please tell me how yummy the cupcakes are!

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