Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yea For Baby Showers!

I've spent the last few days trying to figure out how to put together gifts that I wanted to give to a friend at her baby shower, and after many long nights, I think things came together quite nicely. Ahhh, crazy times without a sewing machine. That's right, the soft blocks and fabric puzzle pieces were all sewn by my shaking fingers. Yeaaa! I think they turned out really cute though.

I also threw in some white chocolate covered pretzels, just for some extra oomph. I think I'm getting a bit better with my packaging. Kinda. Mr. Hippo Guy guarded them wonderfully. I found out that Lauren really likes white chocolate pretzels, so that was my amazing psychic ability at work. Hopefully her little one enjoys the other things. I learned so much after doing both of these projects for the first time, so if I ever want to do them again I'll be a pro. Getting a sewing machine might really help the process, don't ya think?

On another note, my mom came over earlier in the day with her gift for the shower and a certain little dude fell in love with the stuffed animal she brought. This little zebra had the manzie so focused it was hilarious. He held it out as if he was dancing with it. This is another one of those times where I'm so lucky I snapped a picture at just the right time.Awwwww. I might just have to run over to Target and get one for him. Yes please, I'll take more moments like this!


sostinkinhappy said...

So adorable! Both the gifts and the boy. :)

Brittanie said...


Claire said...

He's absolutely in love with Mr. Zebra! I love all the little gifts you made...so thoughtful!

Brittanie said...

Thanks Claire! I'm definitely gonna have to get him his own little zebra. He loved it!