Saturday, September 26, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

It's just been one of those days that was jam packed with a bunch of last minute things, so now here it is, the last hour of the day, and I just remembered that it's *Cupcake Saturday*. Picture me scrambling around, searching through my hundreds of online 'Favorites' to find just the right topic for today. Well, I have found it.One of the people who's brain I'd love to pick is Pink, over at CasaPinka. She was one of the hidden gems I found while combing through the blog rolls of some of my other favorites, and I'm so happy I stumbled onto her site. She is another one of those people I want to be like 'when I grow up'. Her posts are full of gorgeous colors(pink included of course), gotta-have-it crafty creations, and my absolute favorite, her realistic experiences with being a mom. We can't have it together all of the time and I love her honesty. I laughed so hard the night I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading through every single post she'd stuck up. It was a sleepless night very well spent. Well now that I've sung my praises to her, I'll get to the Cupcake portion. Pink recently started what she is calling a Cupcake Sociology Project and it has me energized for some reason. You've really just have to read about her experiences so far, especially what got it all started. Seriously, just go read this.

This is the sum-up of her plans. She's brilliant.

"I've decided to embark on a month long study where I will make gorgeous and delicious cupcakes and offer them to random people, noting why they decline my treats if they tell me, and seeing what sort of conversations come from sharing something gorgeous and edible with a stranger. I'll blog about my baking process, try to take some nice photos and then we'll see what happens as I try to pawn them off on friends and strangers."

Now this got me thinking. I would love to try this out in D.C. right in the middle of the Mall! You know where, tons of grass, walking/running path all around. I'd want to jump on this soon because it's starting to get colder, but I definitely don't want to do it alone. How would you feel about baking a dozen or so cupcakes, whatever style you want, and then taking the Metro with me out there on a Saturday to give Cupcakes to strangers? Sounds bizarre, and of course there's the chance that we'd get shot down by a bunch of people, but I think the odds of oodles of smiling faces outweighs that in a great way. Plus, there's strength in numbers. Me by myself would be awkward, but me + 4 or 5 friends = and incredible day making a slight difference in the lives of strangers. So come on, be brave and tell me you'd love to join me! It'll be the East Coast chapter of Pink's project to "reach out to people in a world that seems so anxious right now. "

{the amazing cupcakes were made by Pink. wow huh? find more from her on her blog and in her Etsy shop}

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