Saturday, September 12, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

Today it's all about Having Your Cupcake & Wearing It Too! I skipped around my favorite go-to website, Etsy, and found some pretty interesting cupcake images that range from cute and sweet right up to zombie-ish. Now I know you won't love them all, but I do! Most are on t-shirts and a few are on kids' clothing, but with some sucking up you might be able to get the creators to put the images on all kinds of wearable items. Enjoy!Dog Bone Art rocks. They'll slap the Pirate Cupcake image on shirts, bags, buttons, bumper stickers, whatever.I love the Pink Skull & Cupcake Shirt from the Cupcaity shop(cute name). The detail is incredible. It's also the kind of shirt that would get me a sideways look from my Momma :o) On any given day I feel at least 3 of these. An 'Off the wall' creation from Jason at KillTaupe. These are two that I'm definitely keeping on my wishlist. Both of these Rocky The Zombie images are hand painted, and you can choose the size/style of shirt. Black~White Speaking of hand painted awesomeness, here is the Elephant Who Never Forgets To Eat Cupcake. Too cute.Little Frankencake here was slapped on the front of a baby onesie, and the best part is the rear view. Just look, it's adorable. Doesn't the Motherhood tee just sum it all up? Making cupcake bites with some ladies the other night I heard the funniest thing...."Do you think if I do them in pink the boys won't eat them?" I'm just happy that I can keep mine out of the reach of my little dude, for now at least.

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