Saturday, November 28, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

For once in a very long bunch of years, I'm really jazzed about Christmas. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun time and all, but most years I'm sick of the hype before December even hits. Not this year though. I was listening to the all-holiday-music station a week before Thanksgiving. I'm already scoping out great gifts to give to neighbors and friends and I'm gearing up to string twinkle lights all through my apartment. Because this is my fun Cupcake post, I just couldn't resist in sharing some fun decorating ideas!

{Martha Stewart Snowman Cupcakes~Nice and simple for kids!}

{Winter Cranberry Cupcakes shown on Cherrapeno}

{Holiday Penguin Cupcakes by Blue Cupcake~Too cute to eat!}

{Holiday Ornaments from the Hello! Cupcake Book~Beautiful and fun as always!}

And last but not least, the ultimate Christmas Cupcakes, at least in my mind. I'm in love with all things Nightmare Before Christmas related, and thanks to "death by cupcake" over on Flickr, I have some yummy and pretty to oogle. Her Cupcakes are incredible. Andrew was more into the Simpson collection she did. They're all phenomenal. Have a wonderful weekend! Get baking!

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