Monday, November 9, 2009

Chartreuse Again!

This past weekend I was completely thrilled to go on out to Chartreuse again for their Holiday party and re-opening. The place is decked out in Christmas stuff! It's awesome. I forgot about my camera once again, so I only managed to get a few shots from there.

{I'd love to use this for Cake Bites. So fun!}

{I'm a sucker for an awesome shabby lookin' cabinet}

{All kinds of hooks and knobs-The display was the best}

{Looks like a bunch of shopping carts huh? I can just imagine my blankets in it!}

{I snagged two of these stars and I'm so happy about it! They look like giant sugar cookies}

Ok, so maybe I got a little more than just a few pictures. It was too fun though. I ended up going Thursday night, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Obsessive huh? Well luckily I've gotten in good enough with the owner Virginia and she referred us over to see a few more stores in the area. Those awesome pictures will be in my next post coming soon! If you're intrigued by Chartreuse and want to check it out, let me know! I'd love another reason to go back!

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