Monday, November 9, 2009

The Old Lucketts Store & More

About 15 minutes away from the lovely Chartreuse are a few more hidden gems. They are The Old Lucketts Store, The Design House and BeeKeeper's Cottage. These are the kinds of places that you probably need to go through two or three times at least to make sure you get to see everything. Here are some things in Old Lucketts I'd love to get in my apartment!

{This reminds me of the wardrobe lady from Beauty & the Beast. This would just need a very bright paint job}

{I know I'm getting in a winter mood when I start trying to find ways to organize blankets while making them easy to grab. This bin would be sweet to have}

{My jaw dropped when I saw this. If he hadn't been on a table I probably would have hugged him}

{Another one of those things I'd love to have, but don't know what I'd do with it. I'd find something good!}

{This was like the last minute pocket change stuff you find at the register that is difficult to resist. It was full of hooks and knobulars and made me want to get a junk dresser I could fix up, all so that I could buy some of the beautiful glass knobs. I'm a crazie one}

Next was the Design House. I love, love, loved the house itself, but the rooms weren't really thrilling for me. If you're into oodles of glitter and softy materials and very refined furnishings then this is the place for you. I did like that all of the rooms were set up with purposes, including a crazie mannequin lady in a bath tub full of large ornaments! Check out the Design House's website here to get lost in their eye candy.

Last was the BeeKeeper's Cottage. It was a pink cotton candy heaven! I didn't get any pictures with my camera, but their website is full of great gifts and comfy things for your home. They had a beautiful patchwork quilt there on one of the beds that I couldn't let go of. Some days I really wish I could sew.

So those were some more of the very fun home-ish stores I saw over the weekend. I can't wait to see what they have on a regular basis when the Holidays aren't in full swing. Thanks for stopping by my 'place'!

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