Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My One Wall Office

When my dudes and I moved into this apartment we originally had the computer in the master bedroom on top of a little foldout table we got from Ikea(one of my many decor loves). I ended up moving that whole setup into the main living area because of my way late nights. Andrew couldn't exactly sleep peacefully with all my clickety clacking. So this is what my one-wall office looks like now.... Sad huh? I call that my 'awkward wall'. I think I've decided to add thick vertical stripes in that awesome light pink berry color I got for free. Notice how I said 'I think I've decided'. Not very decisive of me. I'm hoping it will give just enough of a pop, but not to the point of being overwhelming. My Mom came over today to help me get started but I chickened out. I'm such a goober sometimes. For now, I'll just stare at these gorgeous home offices/work spaces and wish I could make them appear in my home......
I can't get enough of Nicole over at Making It Lovely. I'm like an addict constantly checking her site to see if she has new posts. Can you blame me? This picture of her office and the two below of her workspace(she sells incredible stationary) just make me want to organize, and then get more stuff, just so I can organize even more. It's a crazy cycle.Gorgeous huh? I told you. I would love that postcard carousel. I'd fill it with cupcake cards and all my black and white postcards.
I'm convinced that she's got a bit of the o.c.d. gene. Wahoo! Hit up her site for more amazing pictures. She is the definition of inspiring. I can't stop raving about her.
Now I find it a bit funny that given the rather sparse look of our home right now, I'm drawn to a workspace like that one. The clean white desk just seals it for me I think. That sprinkled with all of the colors and designs tickles me.

Of course no collection of beautiful spaces would be complete without at least one from Martha. Now I definitely don't have the guts to take on a project like this, nor do I have all of the supplies necessary to need something like this, but it's just so darn cute I had to add it it. Her pictures just make me want to go out and buy all kinds of ribbons/papers/glitter/pens/baskets/etc, and in every single color available. That's probably the idea. But still, I'm all for keeping tons of things in a very organized and compact area. You should see my bedroom closet.

None of these pictures come close to the current look, but just looking at them makes me want to improve my situation, if for no other reason than having the Before & After pictures. I'm all for making a space more personalized and homey. I love having the dark brown desk, even though it's in desperate need of a fresh paint job thanks to Dylan's gnawing teeth a few months back. I do want more of an armchair setup instead of the very random glider I have now. It was a freebie and at the time we needed a computer chair. Voila, problem solved. Striped on the wall would be a fun change, and there's a chance that my growing cupcake collection will go up there too. I guess I should get the guts to go stare down the horrible blue painter's tape again. Maybe this time I'll win!

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