Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday Wish List

This always happens. I have a birthday, anniversary, or gift giving holiday coming up and I'm told to 'make a list'. Movies, sure. Music, meh. New shoes, usually a yes as long as their my DC/Etnies/skater type(good luck finding them in my size). What ends up happening is a list full of fall-back items I'd like for our home. I've gotten picture frames, dishes, furniture and other things like that. I now have a new catogory to add. Bakeware of course! I've developed a new love for Williams-Sonoma. I used to go in there with my man all the time because he loved the pans and knives and other shiny cookware. I could usually find things in the kid section I liked, and sometimes I snatch them up. I'm so happy I got their ice cream sandwich molds years ago. They turn out super cute. See?So I now wander into the Bakeware section with fresh eyes. I want to try everything! There are a few basics that I'd love to get, along with things I'd like to consider basics so that I can justify getting them all today. Here are my basic basics....
The simple yet beautiful white Melamine Nesting Bowls. Perfection.
I love the Collapsible Measuring Cups & Spoons Set. I'm all for saving space. If I'm aiming more for the cute factor though, I'd have to go for these.Ganz Cupcake Measuring Spoons. Yea!!! I think I'd just display them though. They're too cute to use. Maybe not.

I honestly believe that this is little doohickey is heaven to anyone addicted to baking. The KitchenAid Mixer represents everything easy-breezy about being in the kitchen, and in cute colors too!

Now for some fun stuff!

No, that is not a tiny Oreo on a mini cake stand. That is the ginormous Goldtouch™ Sandwich Cookie Cake. I'm dying to make one. I need to find a really good reason to get it though. Any Oreo fanatics out there who really like chocolate cake with the frosting in the middle?

Ok, now this is seriously something that I'd love to have. Who doesn't love pie? And who wouldn't love their own personal mini pie? Come on. The Apple and Pumpkin Pocket Pie Molds make it look so easy! They also have a couple of other shapes. With the fall and winter months coming up, these would be a snap to whip up just for fun.

I am a definite fan of pancakes, and these take all the effort out of making them cute. Mickey Mouse ears are amateur level compared to these babies. The Jungle Pancake Molds will be the start of my pancake mold collection I think. I'm waiting for October to get closer to see if W.S. will come out with their Halloween themed ones again.

They've also got a Garden Creatures set right now. Breakfast for dinner sounds good right now!

So those are on my birthday wish list. Chances are I won't be able to resist getting a few before then though, especially those pie and pancake molds. I love Williams-Sonoma.


Katz said...

Those little pies are SO cute!

I'm in love with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It really is a must have for someone that likes to bake as much as you do.

Amber said...

that stuff is awesome! My hand mixer just broke- am trying to justify pulling out the big guns for the mixer. That huge cake looks awesome :)