Monday, August 31, 2009

Making Some Room For Sprinkles

Well my organizational skills are being put to work. How do you completely rearrange an already stuffed kitchen to make a separate area for all your cute baking supplies? Well, this is what I did. I moved tupperware, put some Dylan-proof tabs on drawers(well really Andrew did that), transferred random utensils to the silverware drawer, scrunched everything together in their respective cabinet/drawer and tried to not drive myself insane along the way. It all paid off though. Ta-daaa!Ok, I know, it's not as if I have a ton of stuff that really needs it's own area, but trust me, this little collection is growing. All of that is from just two trips to Little Bits Shop, and one side trip to another place(never going back there). So I've got all of my Merckens candy melts, baking cups in the pink bowls next to them, sprinkles up next, with specialty ones in the Stuff jar, and up top in that awesome striped box are my cookie cutters, pop sticks, food coloring, and other such junk. I think I'm gonna throw the stick in that blue jar though. I love it, but it serves no purpose right now. I'll fix that!

Doing the wish list post got me thinking. I'd love all of those incredible things, but they won't exactly fit on these little shelves. So now I have a kitchen wish list. Of course none of these are in any way realistic given the apartment living, but some day maybe. For now I'll dream. Here are some alternative options to the cabinet setup. Imagine all of the dishes replaced with polka dot baking cups and oodles of brightly colored sprinkles.

My only fear with shelving right now is that the cats with jump on it. That last one seems like a good option, I'd just love to find a wall mounted version, KitchenAid mixer included of course :o) Now this could solve all of my space problems......

Doesn't look like much right? Well this would just be my side of the kitchen! I know, 'Keep Dreaming' but I think it's perfect. I can have this side for the baking madness, and my guy can have his own macho manly side for the cooking, stocked full of shiny knives and such. I'm good with my own little sink, and an area for Dylan or random others to sit and watch me get eggs all over the counter/floor. It's now my official ideal situation. Until that magical setup is mine, I'm still mulling over colors and styles. Here are some other cute kitchens I've got in my collection.

{Purple & Pink, Blue & White, Pastel Cups, Cubby Storage, My Ideal, Yellow Tulips, White & Green, White & White, Green & Green. Sorry for the photos without sources. Can't remember where I found them. Please let me know if you recognize them!}

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