Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Little Black Book

This is one of my favorite ongoing projects. I love looking through decorating magazines, especially ones from Better Home & Gardens. Now I don't really like their main mag, but the 'spin offs' can be amazing. Some of my favorites are 'Big Style for Small Rooms', '100 Ideas, Makeover Style', '100 Decorating Ideas under $100', 'Do It Yourself Ideas' and of course my absolute favorite, 'Storage'. I can't get enough of these. It's become a tradition for me that when I get a new one I read through it at night once my dudes are asleep. I like the silence. It helps me get lost in the beauty and organizational amazingness that they have to offer. I flip through it all once, then go through a second time and actually read the articles that I'm interested in. But the third time, now that is the real fun. I rip through that sucker like I'm on a mental shopping spree. I find those pictures, crafty projects, and the Befores and Afters that I can't live without. The ones that I can't bother to go sifting through my collection of mags later to find. And what do I do once they're sitting in a cute pile on the carpet? I grab my wonderful Black Book. Ever seen The Devil Wears Prada? Same kind of thing, minus the clothing obsession. It is the mock up for my own personal magazine. Now I understand that it is not as fabulous to other people as it is to me, but go get your own book and we'll see how you feel about it. I take those newly separated pictures and articles, trim them down, and tape them in with the other decorating loves o' my life. Now this book has been gaining and losing weight for a good 3+ years. Gaining to the point where you can see a lot of the first page, which is the start of my flower collection. Now the losing part is actually really nice. Whenever I look at a picture and wonder how the heck I ever liked it, I can slip them right out and replace them with something much better. After finding a new interest in sewing projects and such I've decided to informally separate the book. Starting from the front are pictures of flower arrangements. I think my initial stint with the Home Cure made me more aware of all of the color/style options. And come on, everyone loves flowers. Andrew pointed out that my latest arrangement actually looked like an oversized cupcake from across the room. I love that bowl. Starting from the back are the new collage of smaller projects ie. sewing, stamping, painting techniques, etc. And then smack in the middle are the full room views, Befores & After, larger furniture pieces and even more goodness. When I'm needing that extra boost to get things done, I go straight for this. Wanna see why? Here's a tiny taste. And of course it comes with the disclaimer that these appeal to me, so I get it if you're not smiling as you scroll through. I hope you do though!Ok, I know that was quite a bit, but I had the hardest time trying to pick favorites. I left out a bunch. I had to throw that last one in though. I'm dying to do that pillow. I also found a great how-to about turning fabric table settings into pillows. I'm gonna have to try that. Anywho, I just wanted to share a central piece of the creative side of my life. It's what I always think of when people talk about their 'little black books', and I like my version much better!

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Amber said...

ha! I do this too- only with cooking magazines instead of design :)