Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Not A Professional.....

....nor do I claim to be, but come on man. Why can't Oreo cookies be easier to cut? I got together with a friend this week and we decided to tackle these Owls from the Hello! Cupcake book.

We modified a few little things like using M&M's instead of crazy banana Runts for beaks and M&M's for eyes instead of gigantic Junior Mints. I think ours turned our pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

That's George on the left and his Evil buddy Stanley. Using the M&M's for eyes kinda made it look like they were wearing huge glasses, but I love them. Thank goodness for my baking partner in crime! Laughing hysterically made it much easier to deal with all the broken owl ear pieces. It's on to the next Cupcake now!

Ok, little side note. I just went and checked out the Hello! Cupcake site and saw that they have a new book! I'm heading to the store next week and snatching it up! Get ready for more baking play dates Nicole!

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Nicole said...

Laughing hysterically over crap on a stick and suck-a-duck :) I have been praying that Dylan will start saying that :) ha ha. Can't wait to see what Hell-O Cupcake has for us next :0 Thanks for a great day!