Saturday, March 6, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

I wrapped up my last delivery for Cupcake of the Month earlier this week and have decided not to continue doing it. It's a total trip to look back and think of how much one box of chocolate cake mix has changed my life. In case you don't know the *Snickety Snacks* story, I'll give you the semi-short version.

After a not so fun first half of 2009, one day out of the blue I was in a baking mood. I made up some cupcakes and gave them all away(I was in a baking mood, not an eating mood). Seeing friends happy about the random goodies along with a small new collection of baking books gave me the fun idea to do a Cupcake of the Month group. Officially starting in September, I did a new Cupcake at the beginning of each month for a small group of friends. I can't really decide which was my favorite, but I still get orders for the Hamburger Cupcakes, so I'm guessing those are pretty popular. The best 'reviewed' from the group were my Homemade Hostess Cupcakes for February that I sadly never remembered to take a picture of. Guess I'm just gonna have to make some more! Anyway, somewhere in the early stages I tried out new non-cupcake recipes along with doing some of my own experimenting. A hop, skip and a bunch of months later, *Snickety Snacks* is keeping me busy and growing like crazy!
So Thank You! to all of my friends who snacked on my crazie creations, who gave encouraging comments, and who have supported my desire to try something new!
I love, love, love you!

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Amanda said...

Those are beautiful. You are SO wonderful and I think you rock!