Saturday, March 13, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

I have a very important date tonight, with this Lady...It finally hit that after months of waiting, I get to see this movie tonight. Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a huge Tim Burton fan{thanks Dad for introducing me to Nightmare!}. In the spirit of Alice, I went looking for Cupcakes inspired by the movie. Now I found a ton based off of the Disney version that were beautiful, but not something I would want. However, Three Baking Sheets on Flickr knocked my green argyle socks off!

Quirky and unique always make me happy!

I absolutely love the Tweedle Dee~Tweedle Dum ones! Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to work with fondant. For now, I'll just oogle these ingenious creations along with you!

Have a fantastic Saturday!


claire said...


Ali said...

Thanks Brittanie! I'm glad you like them. Tim Burton really does provide endless creative fodder to work with.

Also, I used to be afraid of fondant after watching so many Ace of Cakes episodes. Buy some at your craft store and play around with it. You might surprise yourself...

Ali @ Three Baking Sheets