Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Whopping 49

I signed into my Google Reader at midnight last night and was hit with that number. Normally it would mean taking some time to myself to go through all of the creative blogs that I regularly stalk which is always a wonderful thing. Except for last night. I still had hours worth of baking work to do and was completely exhausted, but after cleaning the doctor's office, I decided I needed to take those few minutes to breathe and relax. Here are some of the gorgeous and inspiring pictures that caught my eye, along with the blog they came from. Enjoy!

{Great ideas for a White Elephant Part on Just Lovely}

{Some day I will wrap gifts like Whitney at Whisker Graphics}

{Fun Cupcakes & Stands over at Making It Lovely}

{Another Sweet Design by Amy Atlas}

{I love carnations. So simple and happy like these at Casapinka}

So that was last night. I just checked it again. 42 unread posts. Wow. I might be doing another post like this in a few hours.

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