Saturday, December 19, 2009

*Cupcake Saturday*

A fun Cupcake order for Friday was the perfect opportunity to try out a new toy. What's better than a cute little Red & Green Vanilla Cupcake?

How about a Jumbo Red & Green Vanilla Cupcake!

I love the Jumbo Cupcakes! As if that wasn't a fun enough pan to add to my collection, I also picked up the KingSize Muffin pan, and it's a beauty! I made some a few weeks ago and promptly gave them out to satisfy the chocolate cravings of some of my friends.

Today was quite the snow day, so by about 7 p.m. I was a bit stir crazy. Time to put my family to work! They decorated the leftover Cupcakes and my wonderful Man braved the foot and a half of snow to take them over to our friends that live in the building next to us. Nawnie and the Little Dude even helped! I'll admit, Dylan ate more sprinkles than he actually put on his Cupcake, but I think it turned out pretty cute. That little one in the middle with gold balls, blue bears and orange goldfishes has his name written all over it. Crazie colors, cream cheese frosting and Chocolate/Vanilla Cupcakes make for a fun activity. The one with pink sugar was tasty too!

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Di said...

Mmm. I love me some jumbo cupcakse. Happy snow day!