Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Share The Love!

After gathering all kinds of cute gift ideas all through the year, I've got a bunch that would make for wonderful neighbor/friend surprises. They're all relatively simple and can be modified based on your creative juice level. Maybe you'll get some good ideas!
I just had to throw this one in first. I love it! I'm havin' a hard time finding boxes though. Once I do, I'm giving these babies out just for fun!

{Snowy Balloon Ornaments}
I think these would be cute for a knock and run situation, just hanging on a neighbor's doorknob with a fun note.

{Pop Top Cans}
These are all about your personal creativity. Make 'em shine with whatever fun little ribbons/bows/whatever you've got.

{A Slice On The Go}
This is meant more as a nice way to send guests home from a party with leftover desserts, but I think it's perfect as a Neighbor Gift. Come on, who doesn't love pie?

{Last Minute Hot Chocolate}
My idea of Hot Chocolate thrown together at the last minute is no where as thoughtful as this. Hearts cut out of the marshmallows, doilies and baker's twine? Gorgeous!

{Glitter Ornaments}
Another one of those projects that would be so fun with a handmade card. I'm all for making the full line of these for my tree!

{Rustic Cookie Bags-4 Ways!}
I just love anything in a brown bag or box. Something about it just gives off a warm fuzzy feeling. Lolly came up with 4 great ways to show off those tasty cookie recipes that I know you all have. She even made up these little tags that you can print up and use. Perfect for people like me!

Hopefully you've found something you like. To my friends and family, don't be surprised if you find one of these on your doorstep soon. Keep having a fantastic week!

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