Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brain Overload

Well I've finally re-joined the 'I Have A Computer' club, and it's wonderful. And the best part is the overload of inspiration and creative ideas that I've started catching up on. It's been amazing. I've learned that on days when I feel like doing a whole lot of nothing with the apartment, the best way to kick myself into gear is looking at all my favorite articles and pictures online. Not having a computer for the last few months has really stressed the importance of having my own little hard-copy collections. Specific magazines and my own scrapbooked selections kept me connected to this whole world of keeping things organized and fun. On top of the physical and internet-fed inspiration, we're gonna be starting up our little wannabe Home Cure meetings again. I know we're gonna be making some modifications, making the Cure less important and focusing on other activities, like finishing projects, cleaning tips, and my personal favorite, using Craigslist to the max. Just knowing that a few people are coming over tonight has me motivated to finish last minute things. I've finally finished that crazy pink couch of mine! It's all tucked and sealed, and the long brown body pillow my mom bought for it making it look absolutely adorable. I've also cleaned all the couch cuchions(a total nightmare when I can only do two at a time) and once I'm finished with this I'll be hanging a wonderful large mirror by the front door. I stalked it at Target for over a week and managed to get it 50% off! Wahoooo! As if all this stimulation wasn't enough, I watched the movie 'He's Just Not That Into You' again today, and it's chalk full of amazing sets. Some of the homes are a bit too modern for my taste, but the colors are incredible. I'm gonna hunt around for some pictures today and add them to my online collection. I've really started paying attention to some of my favorite movies for color and furniture tips. 'Because I Said So', 'The Holiday', 'The Devil Wears Prada', and 'Match Point' are some of my favorites, and here are some lovely pictures and such from some of them...

Someday I'm gonna get quicker at uploading pictures the way I want. You'd laugh if you knew how long it took to get those 5 pictures looking like that. See, I don't just rearrange my furniture :o) Alright, I'm off. Oodles more to do!

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