Friday, June 12, 2009

A Running Theme Going On

My 'pink post' got me thinking about other girlie things I'm hooked to, and the next in line is this incredibly colorful artwork made by Scottish artist Suzanne Woolcott. I first found her on Etsy(a wonderful site if you're looking for art or anything homemade), and spent over an hour going through her shop there, her main shop on, and even her blog. Talk about a mild obsession. These completely match my mood. Darker greys usually in the backround, and then deep greens, purples, reds and so on. To top it all off, she adds in fun quirks, like striped knee-highs and cute little critters. I don't think I could buy just one. I seriously believe that everyone could find at least one that they really like. Here are some of my favorites.....

See, tons and tons of choices, and that's just a pinch of them. So if anyone likes them, let me know! I'm dying to give them as a gift! I need a good excuse in this house of boys to order something cute. I'm not sure I could get away with them here.

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