Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Can Breathe...Kinda

Well after almost 3 months without a computer, I'm almost able to get through days without thinking about all the amazing blogs and great free craigslist furniture I'm missing out on. Andrew's Mom is being an angel and sending us out a spare computer of hers. Left yesterday which means it'll hopefully be here before the end of next week. I'm dying to get all of my pictures up. They're just sitting safely on my digi camera. I have made a long list of projects that I need to start/finish, everything from finishing that crazy pink couch that I love, to plugging holes in walls and repainting. I've rearranged things again, big suprise I know. Riiiight. I've noticed that I rearrange furniture depending on Dylan's growth. He's started using the couches to get to taller things like cabinets, window ledges, and our desk(I've got a lovely picture of that one). So now things are a bit more spread out, but I think it works pretty well. I blame part of the rearranging lately on my favorite show coming on at a more respectable time of the day. HGTV's Freestyle rocks my rocks. They use furniture/decorations you already have and completely change rooms, and they spend nada. It's my absolute favorite, and is now usually on at 9 in the morning. Happy Happy!! I'm off for now but I'll updating this soon with all my pictures, projects and plans for the future!

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