Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lovely Things

3 weeks and 2 missed Cupcake posts later, I'm finally posting about something fun! This past weekend I sampled out at Chartreuse and I actually remembered to snap some pictures of the place. With the place being nearly sold out each weekend they open, the overall look is constantly changing, but I thought I'd show you some of my favorites.

{Robin's To-Die-For Lamp Shades}

{Can I sleep here pleeeeease?}

{Some of my favorite colors}

{This was one of my Mom's *Large Gasp* items}

{Incredible hand-made signs-I love the vintage bell-hop bell toys!}

{Super squishy and gorgeous pillows}

{Brilliant Bookmark idea with book spines}

{Those little boxes are too cute!}

{I'd love this table for my computer!}

{Donna's beautiful washer necklaces, one of which I am a proud owner of-Mine says Queen of Cake}
And now for some seriously fantastic news....I'm joining the Chartreuse Gang! I'll be officially selling Cake Bites & Sugar Cookies there starting next month! You wouldn't believe how thrilled I am about this. I can still remember going to Chartreuse for the first time last October and wishing that some day I could be a part of something that fun, and now it's happening! Here's a little shot of the space I'll be taking over. Keep in mind, it hasn't been Brittanie-fied yet, but it's ideal in so many ways!

Right under the stairs, across from the a.c. and right next to a fridge....It's Perfect! I hope you can come out and see me next month on the 7th & 8th!


sostinkinhappy said...

Sweet! Maryann and Amanda are going to be here that weekend and so I think I will urge them to join you for your grand opening!!! I can't imagine they will pass up the good times. Just wish I could be there too...but WAY to close to baby being born for me to risk it. Plus, I would just be a miserable, whining, lump of human flesh. I should be more than up for it the next time though!

Smooches & congratulations - so proud of you Brittanie!

Kara said...

i keep meaning to ask you where this is. tell me and i'll be there. that's so cool! congrats :)