Saturday, February 6, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

Now I'm the kind of person who hates having to take a Cupcake out of it's wrapper in order to eat it, and the idea of putting one more layer in front of that first bite just sounds ridiculous.....unless it looks like this!

Paper Orchid claims to be the first to come up with the Cupcake Wrapper, and they certainly did it right! These laser-cut beauties are made for all kinds of events, from year-round Holidays to Girl's Night Out. The colors are perfect and the details are jaw-dropping. A bit pricey at $13.00 or more per dozen, but they defintiely have the 'Wow' factor!

Now another company doing an incredible job with these is Cupcake Wrapture. With a focus more on color and design and less on the suer-fancy, these Cupcake Wraps are less expensive and can be used for any occasion. Lisa's colors are totally cute, and I love the little polka dot addition to these...

She also has a blog with some incredible pictures. You've got to check it out. I love the Cupcakes with a Sock Monkey Theme!

I recently ordered a bunch of Jumbo and Regular Brown Baking Cups from Bake It Pretty(which were fantastic by the way), and while looking around I found their Cupcake Wrappers too! They're following more of a Carousel color theme, and I love it! You'll have to take some time to check them out. Hopefully you'll get inspired to start baking!


Kimberlei said...

Completely off the subject of cupcakes, but I have recently found a couple blogs that I think you might like:


Super cute ideas from Craigslist/D.I. items!! Almost makes me excited to move just so I can start redecorating with a clean slate. If only I could get past that pesky packing nonsense.

Livingston Street Decor said...

ok...11:35pm:I check out your blog...11:37pm:I am officially hungry (ok, starving) and cravin'some cake bites (or at least a cupcake!). I'll have to settle for a few crummy oreos. Hope to see ya at Chartreuse this month.