Monday, February 22, 2010

Chain Reaction

Craigslist--->Chartreuse & Co.--->Donna with Livingston Decor--->Flea Market Style Magazine--->Linda Crispell
It's incredible to think of just this one example of how my regular Craigslist visits helped me find a new love. Linda Crispell is that new love! I found a feature in the Flea Market Style Magazine about her, and the picture shown was similar to this one...

The vintage gumball machines are what hooked me. Hours later after going through her entire blog twice, I've got inspiration coming out of my ears! She has so many collections that you're sure to find at least one that makes you rush out to the nearest Flea Market. I'm especially loving her kitchen collections.

{Vintage Lifesaver Candy Display turned Cupcake Decoration Display}

{Jars filled with Pez dispensers, Ribbon Candy, Jawbreakers and More!}

I'm constantly playing around with all of my candy decorating supplies, so seeing this just gets the ideas flowing. I've finally hunkered down and snagged myself a wonderful cabinet this past weekend at Chartreuse & Co. One of my favorite vendors put this beauty on sale back in December I think, and I've been thinking about it since. It was a pretty stinkin' good deal, $198 down to $98, and I couldn't resist. This is what I've been using.....

This little cabinet has been wonderful, but I've been wanting something a bit bigger to hold my baking pans too. Our little kitchen is crowded enough, so the more I can move out, the better. Crazy to think that at one point I only had this little kitchen cabinet for all my chocolates/sprinkles/etc. So anyway, here's the wonderful new cabinet...

I know what you're thinking. 'An old wardrobe? There's not enough storage!' Well, at the moment there isn't. I'll be adding shelves to the right side, along with repainting the whole thing. I'm thinking a white coat on the outside and then a fun spring green on the inside. Hmmm, maybe green and white stripes inside. Who knows. I'd love some kind of 'Wow' affect. It's definitely going to take a few weeks to make this happen, so for now I'm kind of using both cabinets. I'm loving the new find though! It makes me happy every time I walk to the kitchen!

Have a wonderful week!


Pink Panda said...

Awesome find!

Linda Crispell said...

Thank you for the kind words, it mean so much coming from someone with such a wonderful blog!!! Love the cupcakes.

Amanda said...

GREAT pictures... I am so inspired by the beauty!!