Monday, February 8, 2010


It's been so long since I've posted something 'real' on here, and I've finally figured out why. It all really comes down to the storage bins in our apartment. Before the creation of *Snickety Snacks* I would go through all of the storage boxes and bins in our home at least 4 times a year, reorganizing things to keep, purging what we don't need, and finding happy homes for the things we love but never use. I've learned that the best way for me to stay up on the deep clean is by keeping it in a rotation. I usually start with the Kitchen, move to the Bathroom, then the Dude's room, random closets, and I leave the best/worst for last. Our bedroom is a constant thorn, and the closet is the worst, but the end result is always beautiful and leaves me happy and ready to focus on new tasks. As grateful as I've been for the constant stream of orders and the increasing popularity, it's left me no extra time to get back to my purging routine, which has been totally depressing for me. The last few weeks have been horrible on a personal level because no matter what I do, I visualize going through everything and can't shake the need to get to it. It's the o.c.d. Brittanie inside screaming at me to FOCUS & CLEAN!
Thankfully, our corner of the world was hit with about 2 1/2 feet of snow this past weekend, keeping my husband at home and leaving me with plenty of uninterrupted time to hit the main problems. I'll be posting the huge changes once I can get my camera hooked up to my pc, but for now I'll just say that it's incredible how much better I feel. I guess getting rid of 3 bags of trash/junk, 5 bags of donation items and two 30 gallon bins of baby clothes will definitely change a mood. Now I'm able to see the creative ideas and inspirational images again without feeling lost. I love it!
Decor8 has perfect timing! On the day when I'm ready and open for happy thoughts, she posts all about *Bloomingville, a Danish brand that can be found in Germany(of course, all the good ones involve crossing an ocean). The colors are bright and comfy, and the flowers everywhere just make me want to hug my computer screen. See what I mean?
That last image hit pretty hard in a great way. I can't see all of what's written on it, but I'm pretty sure it's "The great thing about working from home is that you can fashion your surrounding to suit your way of life." I never really looked at all my various jobs as working from home. I'm trying now to keep better control over my surroundings and to appreciate how flexible I've made things(wow, that was a total contradiction. yikes). I love that I can rearrange furniture at a moment's notice without things being too weird. I love that our couches aren't off limits for our little dude, which leads to pillow fights, forts, and homemade slides. I'm trying to let the little things slide, like the brown, pink, white, orange and yellow colored chocolate melts that have been smeared across our couches(just smile if you come over and see them). I'm doing what I can to not let outside things affect me too much, even though 2 1/2/ feet of snow knocked out some things I was looking forward too. I'm still in a mental place where I'm starting 3 or 4 sentences at once, but I think that with my surroundings better taken care of, I'm really taking care of myself. I'm back!

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