Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Dying

So about a week ago, dainty little Dylan did a very gentle happy dance on our laptop. It is now a heavy paperweight(called that by a Geek Squad guy, not good). I have to take some responsibility in it all. I was the one who set it on the floor. Believe me, I'm kicking myself for that constantly now. I have a serious addiction to perusing my favorite blogs, looking up happy items I'd love from Etsy, and of course, fine-tooth combing through craigslist. I'm trying to keep myself occupied which is turning out great for my Home, but horribly for me. I want to take everything apart, clean it, put it back together, and repaint the walls while I'm at it. I've got a small group going who are doing the 8 Step Home Cure with me, and thanks to all of my free time, I've pre-cleaned for the weeks ahead. It's nice to have an excuse for my crazy cleaning habits. Now when people look at my freshly painted walls and wonder where the entry closet door is, I can just smile and say, "Oh no, I'm not insane. It's the Home Cure. Promise!" Hopefully by the end of April we should have a shiny new laptop, and by then I will have secured a safe, comfy, Dylan-free home for it. So until that happens, posts will be short and very spread apart. Very sad since I've got lots of new Before & After pictures. You'd be amazed!

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