Friday, January 2, 2009

Where's My Muscle Man When I Need Him

I didn't realize what was missing until halfway through moving the tv cabinet. Andrew. He's the one with buff arms that makes things so much easier. Well, now I'm in an 'Uh....' phase.

I moved stuff. Blah. Didn't work out right at all. That's what it looked like.

Moved stuff again. Now I'm stuck. It's staying this way till we get new stuff.
Currently we have a crap 3 seater sofa that I assume was originally white. Not even close now. We got it off Craigslist a few months after Dylan was born and we were desperate for something bigger than a loveseat. We paid 60 bucks for it, so I'll be fine to get rid of it. We also have a hand-me-down loveseat that I hate/love. Hate the fabric, love the shape. The loveseat is going to be recovered in this fun pink/brown fabric sometime soon(I'm definitely gonna need my dad's help on that one). Thank you to Hancocks for having fun and inexpensive fabric. Love it.
The 3 seater is going to be replaced by either a 5 seater sectional, or a 3 seater sofa with 1 or 2 armchairs. Who knows. It's all still up in the air thanks to the never consistant Craigslist. Can't they just have exactly what I want, in perfect condition, and for half the normal price? In my dreams. Speaking of craigslist, I take you to the ever wonderful Free Section, where I got this cute dresser.
I finally decided on the design I'm going to put on the front of the drawers, and the overall paint is a delicious color by Behr called Vanilla Milkshake. After about 15 minutes in Home Depot with my mom and sister, we were finally able to match the cream color in the design. I just need to sand that puppy down a bit, prime it, paint it, and then slap the paper on the front. I got this before the pink/brown fabric, but it's funny how they kinda look the same.
Oh, and I need to find new nobulars for it. I'm thinking small glass pulls would be fun. The other happy find was a cabinet I found for 30 bucks. Still no idea how to change it, or if I'm even going to. For now I'm going to use it to hold the new shiny dishes I got for Christmas(thank you Andrew!!). It should be interesting.
So I guess I'm playing the waiting game for some of this stuff. Rearranging is put on hold till I can replace that 3 seater. I might be able to get the dresser at least primed tomorrow. Oooh, happy thought. I'm going to Ikea with my mom in the morning. New curtains for the front room/dining room windows are on my 'To-Get' list. As far as I've found, Ikea is the only play with curtains that are ceiling to floor length for us. Besides that, I'm just happy to go for the inspiration. When I repainted the main wall a different blue I ended up taking almost everything off of all the walls in our main space just to start fresh. My mom said the other day that it looked like we had just moved in. I'm working on fixing that still, as you can see. I love the chaos :0)

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