Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I've mentally killed myself. 2 nights ago I was up until 3:30 in the morning painting. I wasn't tired at all when I got into bed, but oh man I felt it 4 hours later when the little man woke up. It's been a dizzy couple of days since then. I'm in love with the place now, or at least I will be by tomorrow night. We have a new sofa & loveseat, from the Ikea Ektorp series. They finish the place off beautifully. I'm halfway through my list of smaller projects(dresser, cabinet, couch), and will be finishing them tomorrow, fingers crossed. I have V. teachers coming over Thursday morning, so that's my deadline to at least get things semi-organized again. Currently the apartment looks scraggly, but I love the in-between phase. I've got the end result in my mind and that's what keeps me going. So, happy thoughts for tomorrow! Most everything will have to be wrapped up, organized and cleaned. I'll be taking pictures of everything then. Wahoooo!

Just a tiny taste of my catch-all surfaces right now. This one will be the easiest to sort :)

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