Friday, January 2, 2009

I Made A Big Mistake

So foolishly I watched the movie 'Because I Said So' this afternoon, and now I'm on a rearranging kick. The mother and daughter are women after my own heart. I love it. Well I have mentally rearranged the main area furniture and am gonna be doing the physical work now. I actually took some pictures of my place the way it is now, along with the two pieces of furniture that will be my next projects. I'll post some details about those along with my 'After's in a bit once the craziness has subsided.

I know, I know, extremely plain walls right now. That's soon to be remedied with a cute collection that's coming in the mail soon. Wahoo!
That whole setup to the right has had me irked for weeks. I think I'm gonna be able to fix it today.
Yum, Goldfish crackers.

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