Sunday, January 2, 2011

All For One Page

Usually I end up buying a decorating type magazine after flipping through it and finding a bunch of pages/colors that I like. I beat my own personal record a few days ago. I bought the latest edition of Country Living because of one page. I'm so happy that I took a few seconds to flip through this magazine(despite not liking the cover at all!). After starting my own little business I have been able to meet so many amazing women who started right where I did and have created successful careers based on their dreams.
Greta and Kristen from Layer Cake Shop are officially a part of my 'Inspiration Women' list. If you've ever looked online for cute baking supplies to add some extra oomph to your treats, you've probably come across their shop. As much as I love what the shop has to offer, hearing the back story behind the creation of their business was better. Long story short, Greta started things off with a small Etsy shop, snagged her retail experienced friend Kristen to help things grow, and with an 8% increase each month and salaries for the both of them, growth hasn't been a problem. The best part to me? They do it all out of Kristen's home! If that's not inspiring, what is? So this little one page article has been nicely slicked out of the magazine and stands with the rest of the women I'm inspired by. Who knows, maybe some day I'll be able to inspire someone else!

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Pink Panda said...

I'm sure you will, Brittanie! :)