Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Nice To Breathe Normally Again!

You can tell from the date of my last post that I haven't kept up with this blog very well. Lots of things have happened in the last few months and after exhausting myself completely I've decided to change a bunch of things in my life.
First, I'm trying to get healthy. I was sick of waking up with aches and then running all day to try to catch up with Dylan. Things in this area have been great and I'm still motivated to continue, which is a great sign!
Second, I'm trying to take more time with the little man. He's getting so big and I can't believe he'll be 3 in a few months. After almost a year of speech work, he hadn't really improved much until a few days ago. He's been mimicking sounds he hears on tv, a dinosaur's 'Roar' being one of them. Since that started, he's actually jabbering in the mornings. That has led to 'Momma', 'Yeah', 'Bowowow'(dog sounds) and a few others. It's been incredible to hear his voice all through the day now. Progress finally! Here's hoping it continues.
Also, after a few months 'practicing' how to stretch myself to the limits, I'm slowing down my little business. The lack of sleep most nights leads to a not-so-happy wife and mother, and so I'm working on making my own physical and mental needs a priority. I am very happy to say though that the biz is growing! Aside from the orders, it's officially taken over the dining room area in our home, and I can easily say that I spend more working time in the kitchen than Andrew. I'm sure he'd be thrilled with that if only I learned how to cook better!
Speaking of Andrew, he and I are doing well and planning for a fun bunch of events in the second part of the year. Birthdays, vacations and holidays will definitely have us running across the country, but I can't wait!
One other small thing I've been trying to fix is the amount of posts for Our Little Reed Family. We seem to have forgotten we had a camera in the last bunch of months, so pictures and stories have been kept to ourselves for too long. For more info about us as a fam, check it out here.
And now, since this blog is more about my own ramblings and found inspirations, I thought I'd share some I've found recently. I've been in the need for a change here at home, so I've been on the lookout for new fun ideas to get me moving.

I don't know why, but every time I think of inspiring images, this cutesy little cabinet comes to mind. Something about all the pale colors combined with the knowledge that those pillows just have to be super comfy keeps me looking at this over and over. I've been on the lookout for fun dishes, so that could be another factor. Love me some polka dots!

After a few years of rearranging furniture and painting walls, I've finally caught on that the warmth that comes from a home is more important. Something about this picture makes me think that the family is just outside the shot waiting with a game of monopoly and some popcorn. I want people to feel that kind of warmth as soon as they come to our home.

Now I know this is a baby's room and one way too girly to get away with for the little dude, but I'm all about the colors. Greens, pinks and a brown paper bag shade of paint just have me smiling. And it just so happens that I have a cabinet and dresser that are both in need of a fresh coat of paint!

You know me, I couldn't leave a picture of a fantastic kitchen out of this inspiration bunch. Plenty of light, great appliances, a flea market touch, and that kids school desk have me wishing this kitchen's owner was me! Or my Mom. She'd love that too.

Well here's hoping I can keep a better record of the fun things I find. I'm nixing *Cupcake Saturdays* in favor of the freedom to post fun treats, crafty ideas and home inspirations whenever I'd like to. Hopefully that will make the process more appealing. Have a fun week!


Diana said...

You look amazing by the way! I thought you looked so pretty at church today. I'm glad you are taking time to be good to yourself :)

Pink Panda said...

Welcome back! :)