Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adding The Personal Touch

I've had some down time lately and with that I've been able to go through old boxes, sell off unused furniture, and make plans for happy changes to the way this place looks. Thanks to some of the wonderful blogs that I stalk, I have some new inspirations!

Jen at Made By Girl posted about an incredible site called Deco My Place, a site full of random peoples' home pictures. It's great because you can search based on room, style and a bunch of other things.

I love the layered look in this little nook.

I'm a sucker for an 'R'! Plus I just saw those tall white cups over at Ikea a few days ago, and I'm loving how they're used here.

This kitchen over at The Yvestown Blog has me wishing we were out of apartment living. I'm all about the butcher block counters and the huge farmhouse style sink!

I was a bit late to catch onto the Young House Love craze, but after a few articles in some of my favorite magazines, I'm a big fan of the incredible work Sherry and John have put into their first home. They recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and did a post about different kinds of momentos/reminders of their love that they have throughout their home. I've been wanting to personalize our place with things other than just pictures, so this post was perfect. I especially love the initials they have above their bed, with I Love You in sign language in the middle. Cute, thoughtful, and super easy to make! You'll have to check out their site and see their amazing home. It's gone through a great makeover.

I'm always on the lookout for fun treat ideas, and after seeing this one yesterday, I knew I had to share it. I love me some S'mores, even the homemade ones with the help of a microwave :o) I'm a firm believer that some things just taste better on a stick, and these babies back that up. These S'mores Pops were featured over at Gimme Some Oven! and are too easy to pass up. Gigantic marshmallows, melted chocolate, crunched graham crackers and a stick! Now go make some and tell me how fantastic they taste!

With a mellow weekend coming up, I'll be grabbing my Mom for some help. I've got a couple of painting projects lined up for this weekend, along with some fun rearranging. Here's hoping I'll have the fantastic results up soon. Have a sweet week!

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Pink Panda said...

I saw those smores on a stick somewhere else too- maybe Parents magazine or Family Fun! So fun! Need to try sometime before summer ends!