Saturday, January 2, 2010

*Cupcake Saturday*

Man I'm way behind. At least I've managed to keep up with the Cupcake posts! Today was the delivery day for the January Cupcake and despite almost being knocked over by the crazy freezing wind, things went really well. I grabbed another idea out of the Hello! Cupcake book that only worked because Target still had the perfect containers. Yea for Popcorn!
Vanilla Cupcakes, Vanilla Frosting and Marshmallows! Does it get any better? This was the easiest thing to put together. All you need are marshmallows, clean scissors, frosting and a tiny bit of patience. Definitely a successful 'recipe'! Have a fun weekend!

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Kimberlei said...

These are too cute.

Have you ever looked at They have a cupcake background and everytime I see it, I think of you.