Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Mail!

Guess what wonderful little surprise was waiting for me a few days ago in our mailbox. The new Ikea Catalog!
I'm a sucker for Ikea. I used to drag Andrew hours away to San Francisco mostly because I knew on the way back we'd stop off at the awesome gigantic blue store. Thank goodness our closest one now is only 25 minutes away! Honestly, the best thing about the place is all the displays. I'd love to live in the local version of about the 200 square foot space! Their catalog is awesome because it's setup after setup. Here are some of my favorite things.
So simple, but I'm snagging up a few of these White Frames
I get my love of baskets from my Mom. I love that these ones are flexible.
Ok, I just had to throw this in here. The other half of the page had the 'Mom' washing dishes. I'm one of those o.c.d. Moms that couldn't leave my little dude with free reign over sprinkles and icing. That picture almost gave me a panic attack :o)
I'm all about the little details. I really hope Ikea sells that gigantic heart over the bed. If not, I think it should be a rule that they only use Ikea items in their catalog.
Cupcakes make any tray look better (even when the cupcakes aren't too fantastic looking)
I don't want anything on here, I just love that her hair is hot pink!
I LOVE these candlesticks. They seem totally out of the norm for Ikea, but I'm all for it!
So, who wants to come with me to Ikea?

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Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

LOVE ikea! and i look forward to their caalogues in the mail too! some great finds :)
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